Here's how you can add value to your contracts and get useful statistics of what your pipe is worth!

To add a value, go in to a contract. Under the participant list and send/sign button you'll find the Contract Value option

Click on "Set amount and type a value, save.

The statistics will show in your Dashboard. The number of contracts and values shown is dependent on if you have filtered the Dashboard by "All users" or "My user" and what time spann you have set.


If there's a (-) showing instead of a value this means there are no contracts or contracts with a value matching your criteria.

You can also set the value of each contract via the Archive, klick on the three dots in the top right corner 


-The Country set on account level determines the currency in which the value is shown. For a Collection with Collection Branding, the country set in the branding determines the currency. 

- If you set a time spann with an end date earlier than the date of today (for example "previous month"), no statistics for neither number of contracts or value will be shown under "Overdue" because the expiration date could have been changed since then but that data is not trackable by our system.