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Allow/Block counterparties to update their details

Allow/Block counterparties to update their details

With this setting, you can decide whether a counterparty has the permission to update their own details in a document or not. If the participant is blocked to edit their own details they will not be able to click and edit  their participant in the participant list.

How it works when creating a blank document

  1. Click on + New documents > Create blank.
  2. Add information to your document > Add counterparties.
  3. Go to settings > Open Counterparty preferences.
  4. Toggle the feature on or off.

How it works in templates

  1. Go to Templates.
  2. Go to TemplateSettings > Open Counterparty preferences.
  3. Toggle the feature on or off.

Additional information 

You cannot change the setting once:

  • The document is created from a template - The setting in the template determines whether the function should be active or inactive.
  • You have sent your document and the status of the document is pending.
This setting will be inactive by default for all new templates and documents and active for all templates created before 2023-05-16.

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