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In Oneflow, you can tag your documents and templates to make them easier to find.

Add a tag

  1. Go to documents > Open a document.
  2. Click on + Add tag.
  3. A list with all tags will appear, where you can choose the one you need.

If you are an administrator, you can click Manage tags to get to the tag settings.

Manage tags (Administrator only)

  1. Go to Admin > Tags.
  2. To add a tag, click on + Create tag.
  3. Type in name > Confirm.
  4. To edit or remove a tag, find the tag click on the action menu.

Tag permissions

Depending on your user roles, you may have different permissions regarding tags. Administrators can always manage and use tags, but you can restrict users from using tags if you wish. 

Tips and tricks

  • Tags help the contents of a documents be searchable. Add "important" or a specific service as a tag, and you'll be able to search it.
  • You can add tags to documents and templates.
  • If you tag your templates, the tag will automatically be added to the document.
  • Tags are sorted alphabetically, but you can use Ctrl+F for a quicker search.

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