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Share templates across workspaces

This feature is only available for the price plan Enterprise.

Share templates across workspaces

Do you want to be able to use a specific template in several of your workspaces? Then you can share your template between workspaces!

When a template is shared across workspaces and you need to update or change the template, it is enough to make the change in one of the shared templates. The change will be implemented in the remaining templates shared across workspaces.

To share a template across workspaces, you need to have access to the templates you wish to share and also to the workspaces with which you want to share the template.

Share a template

  1. Go to Templates > Find a template you want to share. 
  2. Click on the action menu > Share.
  3. Select witch workspaces you would like to share your template.


The shared template will be available in all shared workspaces marked with a lock icon. It is depending on what your permissions you have that allow you to edit a shared template or not.


If you move the parent template to a workspace with which the template is not shared, the template will still be shared with the initially selected workspaces.

Stop sharing a template

You can stop sharing a template if you no longer need to share it. The process is similar to sharing a template:

  1. Go to Templates > Find the template you want to stop sharing.
  2. Click on the action menu > Share.
  3. Unselect the workspaces with which you no longer need to share the template.

All tags set on a template will follow the shared workspaces.

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