As an extension of the functions available in Collections we now introduce you to the option of Collection Branding.

This means that you can brand your collections according to different affiliates while still keeping all collections gathered under one account. So for example, if your company has a Swedsih, a Norweigan and a Finish affiliate, you can create a separate collection for each affiliate and choose a different logotype, organisational number, name and country. 

The information in a branded collection will overwrite the information on Account- level and it will follow on all created contracts. 

This is how it's done:

1. Go to Collections in the right hand side menu

2. Choose the collection for which you need branding

3. Go to the Branding tab

4. Enable Collection Branding

5. Fill in the relevant information ( Name and Country is required while organisational number and logo are optional).

6. Save

Your Branded Collection is created!


  • When the collection branding is turned off, all templates will automatically fall back to using the account level branding (logotype, company details, etc).
  • Drafts, open contracts and closed contracts are unaffected by the change of collection branding, except for the logo.
  • Because collection branding is activated from the collection module, access is available to Administrators only.