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Address book

Address book

With the Address book, you can save a person or company's details and reuse that information when creating a new documents.

Companies and Individuals are stored in separat tabs. If you save information about a participant as a Company you will not be able to niew their information under the Contacts tab in the address book and vice versa.

Different ways of adding contacts to the address book

  • Directly when adding a participant in a document.
  • Via the address book.

In the document view

  1. Create a new document. 
  2. Add a counterparty to the document, fill in all necessary fields.
  3. Select the Save to address book checkbox.  

In the address book view

  1. Go to the Address book.
  2. Switch between companies and contacts via the corresponding tabs at the top.
  3. Choose to add or remove contact details. You can also click a company to edit the details and see which contacts are attached to it.

Add a contact from the address book

Next time you want to send a document to the same contact/company

  1. Create a new document > Add a counterparty to the document.
  2. Typ the contact/company name In the search bar.
  3. The system will suggest all matching contacts. Pick the one you want to add.
  4. The system will populate all available information to the fields automatically.

If you change any information except the Company name or Email and check the Save to address book checkbox, the system will update that contact/company.


To grant users access, they need to have the specific permission associated with their workspace role. If a user doesn't have access to the address book, they won't be able to select a contact from the address book when creating documents.

Address books are workspace-based. A contact you save to the address book will only be saved to that specific workspace.

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