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Roles in a document

Roles in a document

When you have created a document, you're ready to send it to your colleagues and/or counterparties.
Every time you add a participant to your document, that person must be assigned a role that will determine what the person's rights and duties in the document will be.


The role list will differ for colleagues and counterparties.

Document roles

A participant that can sign the document, edit, and start collaborations.
A participant with access to the document who can edit and start collaborations.
A party with access to the document who can start collaborations.

A colleague with admin access rights to the specific document. If the document has a life cycle, the organizer will receive the reminder e-mails like signatories and influencers. Organizers can be added at any stage of the document, including closed documentsLearn more about organizers here.
(This role can only be used internally for colleagues)

How to assign a document role

  1. Create or open a document. 
  2. In the Participants tab, click Add counterparty.
  3. Fill in all required fields, click the role drop-down arrow and choose document role.


Users with the right permissions or with the default Workspace Manager role in a specific workspace can add themselves (or other colleagues) as an organizer to a colleague's document at any stage of the document process. This permission is granted via the Admin tab > Roles. Learn more about Roles and permissions in a workspace.

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