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Internal Approval Flow (BETA)

We're excited to introduce a new feature, but please be aware that it's currently in beta testing. This means we're actively working to refine and enhance its functionality. Your feedback and insights during this phase are invaluable in helping us make it even better. 
This feature is available for the price plan Business and above.

Approval Flows

Approval flows streamline your document management by allowing internal reviews before sending documents out. Initially, this feature enables internal stakeholders to review and approve documents, ensuring everything is perfect. Soon, we'll also enable recipients to approve documents before other participants will be able to sign, further enhancing the control and efficiency of your workflow.

How Approval Flows Work

    Add colleagues that should approve the document with the role "Internal approver". You can specify the order of approvers if there are multiple people involved.

    Send the document for approval. You can set the document to be sent automatically once all approvers have approved. And add a message to the email notification.
The document status will remain as a draft until all approvers have given their approval. Once approved, the document will be sent and its status will change to pending.

    Once all designated approvers have approved the document, it will be ready for signatories to sign.
    Either the document will automatically be sent to the remaining participants, or you will need to manually click 'send' after the last colleague has approved.

Edit Approvers

If needed, you have the option to add, edit, or remove internal approvers. It’s important to note that any changes made will not reset approvals that have already been given. If you remove the last approver, the document will be ready to be sent. If it’s set to be sent automatically after all approvals, the document will go from draft to pending directly.

Settings - Manage internal approvers

In the template, you have the option to decide whether to allow adding, editing, or removing internal approvers. If you disable this function in a template, no adjustments can be made to the approvers that have been designated in created documents from that template.

  1. Go to Templates > Open a template. 
  2. Click on General > Use the toggle beside "Manage internal approvers"

Approval order & Signing order

You can combine the approval order with the feature signing order. The internal approvers will always appear at the top of the participant list underneath the purple line and will have their own sequence. 

The remaining participants will have a similar numbered list where you can choose the order in which they should sign.

In this example Angelica and Erik are Internal approvers and Sherin is the first to sign in the signing order.

  • The approval order takes priority over the signing order, as those who need to approve must do so before the document is sent and ready for signing.

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