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Roles and permissions in a workspace

Workspace roles

To ensure you have full flexibility in making sure your colleagues have the appropriate access in single or multiple workspaces, we have created some example Workspace roles to start with. As an Administrator, you can view the roles from the Admin view.

The Manager and Read-Only roles are standard and cannot be edited or removed, but for all other roles, you can change the name or permissions, or completely remove them. You also can create new roles.

Create a new role

  1. Go to the Admin > Roles and click + Create new role.
  2. In the window that appears, specify the role name and click Confirm.
  3. In the role list, click the three dots to take an action and Edit permissions.
  4. On the Permissions tab, click Edit, select all actions that should be accessible for the current role, and click Confirm.

Now you can grant the user access to a workspace

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