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Template: Convert new Google Drive file into Oneflow contract

This template can be used to create Zaps that Automates the creation of a Oneflow contract when a new Google file or a PDF, is uploaded to a specified folder in a chosen Google Drive. 

The uploaded file will be converted to a PDF, along with the owner of the file as a participant in the Oneflow contract. 

Once a Zap is created from this template, the following actions and triggers will be visible.

New File in Google Drive

  • This Zap will start off when a new Google Document is added to the chosen Google Drive.
  • The user is required to select a Google account of their choice. 
  • A list of already connected Google accounts in the currently logged in Zapier account will be available to choose from.
  • If the required account is not available in the dropdown list, click on the “+ Connect a new account” button to add a new Google Drive account.
  • The user then can select the required Google Drive, from the drives connected to the chosen account (personal and shared drives connected to the account).If nothing is selected, then the personal Google Drive will be used.
  • After that, choose the folder to which the file should be uploaded in the selected drive. 
  • The list of top-level folders available in the connected Google account at first, the user can navigate inside the folders by clicking the dropdown next to each folder name.
  • In the case no folder is selected, the top-level of the drive will be set as the upload location.

Next a filter action is added to the Zap, to continue execution only if the specified conditions are met. 

  • The default conditions are to check if the mime type of the uploaded file is a google document/presentation/spreadsheet or just a PDF.

Search File in Google Drive

The file uploaded can be searched in the specified Google Drive, by the name of the file. The name of the file is set to be taken from the first step (New File in Folder in Google Drive). The details of the file will be returned as this step succeeds.

Create Contract in Oneflow

Having filtered the necessary file, now the Oneflow contract can be created. In this step, the Create Contract action will be executed with the chosen Oneflow account, whom the contract is created as.

  • The user can connect a new Oneflow account in the instance where the Oneflow account of the contract creator is not listed in the dropdown. 
  • The name of the contract is set to be taken from the uploaded document, therefore, the name of the contract will be the name of the document itself. 

  • The user has the liberty to select the workspace and the template of their choice to be used for contract creation.

    • When a user wants to transfer any data from the uploaded document to the Oneflow contract that is going to be created, ‘data-fields’ can be used.
    • To be able to use data fields in a contract, a template group with data fields needs to be created in Oneflow end.
    • Read more on how to create a template group and add data fields. Once such a template is created, that can be used to transfer data from the file to the Oneflow contract easily

The uploaded file will be added to the contract itself as an expanded PDF

  • The user has to select the Oneflow account of the user.
  • By default the expanded PDF option is set as the option for the ‘upload as’ dropdown (attachment/expanded PDF), therefore the file will be added to the contract as an expanded PDF.
  • The file name is set to be the name of the uploaded file and the file will be the uploaded file itself.
  • The contract Id is set to be taken from the previous ‘Create Contract in Oneflow’ action’s output.
  • It will be automatically selected to upload the file to the contract as an expanded PDF, however the selected template of the contract should have exactly one expanded PDF section for the user to be able to upload any files   without a failure.                        

Add Participant in Oneflow 

  • The new participant will be added to the contract as the contract creator by default (the user has the ability to change the option).
  • The identifier of the contract (contract id) is set to be taken from the previous contract creation action and the participant is set to be added as an individual by default, but the user has the liberty to change the participant type as required.
  • The name and the email of the participant are set to be taken from the connected Google account’s owner’s email address and the display name.
  • The role of the participant in the contract is selected as signatory as default role.

Send Email in Gmail 

  • This action is for sending the created contract via email, using a connected Gmail account.
  • All the necessary details to send the email successfully can be provided while setting up the action or can be selected from the previous actions of the zap. 
  • The details such as the body type, body are set by default.
  • The specified email address(es) will receive an email with a link to the created Oneflow contract.

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