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Getting started with Oneflow x Zapier Integration

Here you will find a step by step guide on how to set up Zapier together with Oneflow.
Through Zapier you can connect Oneflow with other apps to help you automate workflows.

When getting started with the Oneflow integration, make sure to pay attention to the following steps.

As the first step, you will need to enable the Zapier integration inside the Oneflow application, directly from the extensions page.

You need to be an administrator in Oneflow to be able to generate the API token.
  1. Log in to the Oneflow application, go to the Admin cogwheel > Extensions, and click API Tokens.
  2. Click on the ‘Generate a new token’ button to create an API token which can be used for Zapier, provide a suitable token name e.g. Zapier.
  3. Make sure to copy and store the generated API token securely. You will not be able to view it again in the Oneflow application.
  4. Go to and click create a new Zap.
  5. Choose a suitable trigger, an event that starts the Zap. e.g., Your CRM system.
  6. Choose a suitable event according to the selected trigger. e.g When an Opportunity is updated.
  7. Once the trigger is completed, the next step is configuring an action, an event a Zap performs after its trigger. A suitable action can be to create a Oneflow Contract.
  8. Search for the ‘Oneflow’ app in the app search bar and select it.
  9. Choose a Oneflow event from the event drop-down and click on Continue.
  10. Choose an existing Oneflow account or connect a new one using the connect new account button at the bottom of the drop down menu.

  11. Zapier will then request access to your Oneflow account. Provide the API token you created in step 2, and click continue to connect your account.
  12. The connected account will appear on the top of the chosen account drop-down menu.
Multiple accounts can be connected for multiple actions within a single zap.

Once the setup is done, You are now ready to work with Oneflow actions.

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