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Working with data fields

Explaining the concepts

When setting up a Zap that creates a Oneflow contract based on a trigger, you can assign values to data fields in Oneflow from a Zapier app integration.

A use case

For instance, consider a scenario where you want to create a Zap that automatically creates a Oneflow contract (action) whenever a contact's lifecycle stage is changed from subscriber to lead in HubSpot (trigger). 

In this case, you can map HubSpot properties to data fields in Oneflow.
i.e. For instance, the HubSpot property Deal amount can be mapped to a data field in the Oneflow contract called Deal_amount. Once the contract is created, the value of the Deal amount property in HubSpot will be transferred to the data field in the Oneflow contract.

About template groups
In Oneflow, data fields are created inside Template groups.
  • Template groups enable you to link data fields in Zapier app integrations (I.e. HubSpot, HiBob, etc.) to data fields in a Oneflow contract.
  • A template group can contain multiple data fields. Once data fields are added to a Template group, these data fields are accessible to all Templates created under that Template group.
  • When a Oneflow template is assigned to a particular Template group, it inherits the data fields contained in that template group.
  • When Contracts are created from these templates, values can be assigned to the data fields from Zapier app integrations (I.e. HubSpot, HiBob, etc.).

Stage 1: Create a template group

To create a Template group in Oneflow, perform the following.

  1. Log in to Oneflow and click on the Settings cog, then click on Extensions.
  2. Click on the Details button in the Template groups card.
  3. Click on the Add a template group button.Untitled
  4. Provide a suitable name and description, if necessary, and click on the Confirm button to proceed.Untitled
  5. You have now successfully created the Template group.

Stage 2: Add data fields to the template group

Once you have successfully created the Template group, it will be displayed in the list of template groups.Untitled

  1. Click on your template group.Untitled
  2. Click on the Data Fields tabUntitled
  3. Click on the Add a data field button.Untitled
  4. Enter an appropriate name for the data field, then click Confirm.

Stage 3: Create a template with data fields

  1. Click on the Templates icon from the side panel.
  2. You can select a template from the Template Library, create a new template from scratch, or open an existing template.
  3. Click on the current template name, then enter a new name for your template (You'll need this template name in the next stage).
  4. From the Settings pane, open the Template group dropdown, then select the Template group you created in Step 4 of Stage 1.
  5. Click on + Add content and add a Text and image section to the template (if it doesn't already have one).
    Note: You can also add a Form section and add data fields to the form. Once added, simply click on the data field to customize its name and other attributes.
  6. Position the cursor to the place in the document you want to add a data field to.
  7. Click on the Insert data-field icon to add a data field to your template.
  8. Select your preferred data field from the Data Field dropdown. This dropdown displays the data fields you added to the Template group in Step 4 of Stage 2.
  9. Click on Confirm to add the data field to the template.
  10. Click on Save template changes.
  11. Click on the Templates icon from the side panel.
  12. Activate the template by enabling the toggle corresponding to the template name.

Stage 4: Map data fields to Zapier

  1. Open a Zapier template of your choice. In the Create contract in Oneflow action, select your template from the Templates dropdown.

    a. This template should be the one you assigned to a Template group in Step 4 of Stage 3.
  2. In the How many data fields do you need to map while creating the contract? field, enter the number of data fields you would like to map (i.e. 1 to n. the maximum number of data fields contained in your template.).
  3. In the Custom ID of field n field, select your data field from the dropdown. You should now see your data fields listed on Zapier!

    a. These are the same data fields you added to your Template Group in Oneflow in Step 4 of Stage 2.
  4. In the Value of field n field, select a value you wish to assign to the data field.

    a. This value can be a field from the trigger app in the Zap.

    b. For instance, if the trigger you added to your Zap relates to an event in HubSpot, then enter a HubSpot property or field that matches your preference, then press enter to select it.

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