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Oneflow Triggers

Zapier triggers are events that start an automated workflow (called a "Zap") in Zapier.

Triggers are usually based on some action or event that occurs in an app or service, such as a new email arriving in your inbox, a new sale in your e-commerce store, or a new form submission on your website. 

When a trigger is activated, Zapier automatically carries out a series of actions, or "Zap steps," in response to that event, which can save you time and streamline your workflows.

Based on the Oneflow contract's status, it is possible to trigger a Zapier event as the starting point of the Zap. 

The following statuses are considered as valid starting points for a trigger event in Zapier.

  • Sent

This trigger is activated when a selected contract's state is updated to "sent".

 After a contract is sent, it can be assigned one of two possible states: "signed" or "declined".

  • Signed

This trigger is activated when the state of a selected contract is updated to "signed contract". This state follows the "sent" state.

  • Declined

This trigger activates when a contract is declined after being sent.

  • Expired

Once a contract is sent, there is a certain period during which it can be accepted or declined; otherwise, it will expire. Therefore, a trigger has been established to activate whenever a contract's status changes to expired.

  • Deleted

When a contract is deleted, this trigger is activated and executes the corresponding zap.

Oneflow Triggers in Zapier platform

figure 1:Oneflow triggers in Zapier.

It is possible to set multiple triggers at once inside a single Zap. This allows the user to automate the Zap process when there are several stage changes in Oneflow account contracts.

Use case of multiple triggers - When user needs to run the zap if there are multiple status changes in Oneflow contracts.


figure 2 : Oneflow triggers set as multiple triggers.

Oneflow trigger gives contract id after the activation as output.

figure 3: Output of the Oneflow trigger

Read more on Oneflow contract statuses here.

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