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Add Product Oneflow-Zapier Event

The idea of this guide is to explain the Add Product, Oneflow event in Zapier. This event can be used to add products to a Oneflow Product table inside a Oneflow contract.

Currently, a single contract will allow a maximum of three product tables to be added, of which each containing up to ten products. 

Following are the steps involved in adding a new product to a Oneflow contract.

Step 1 : Selecting the App and the Event

  • First select the App as Oneflow.

  • Then select the Event as Add Product.

Step 2 : Adding the Account

  • Here, connect the Oneflow account with Zapier. Click Choose.

  • A list of already connected Oneflow accounts(if the user has multiple accounts) in the currently logged in Zapier account will be available to choose from. If the user account is not on the list, users can add it by clicking the "Connect a new account" button.

Step 3 : Configuring the Action

  • First, select the account to update the products or rather add a new product to the product table.

  • Then provide the Contract ID of the contract that needs to add a Product into the Product table.

  • Next, select the  product table Index which user wants to add the new product to.

  • Next, add the Name and the Description of the new product.

  • Then, add price details.

Here the Price values should be provided by rounding to two decimal places and should not enter any symbols. Only numerical values are accepted here.
When it comes to discounts, If the discount is a percentage value, add that value along with the percentage mark (%). If the discount is a numeric value, add the value as it is.
  • Next, add quantity related data.

First, select the Quantity Type.

Based on the selected value from above, add the Quantity Value next.

If it is a Quantity type, give the amount in integers.

If it is a Multiple choice or Single choice, then enter 1 to indicate checked or selected and 0 to unchecked or deselected. 

  • Finally, select the Lock for Counterparties value.

If Yes is selected, then the Counterparties of the contract will not be able to edit the data related to this Product in the Product table of the contract. If No is selected, then the product added to the Product table is editable by the Counterparties.


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