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Getting started with Pipedrive

To use the Oneflow application in your organization, a Pipedrive and Oneflow administrator must first set up the application. Once the application is set up, all users who will be using it in the organization will also need to install the application in their Pipedrive CRM to be able to create contracts from deals.

Install and set up the Oneflow app in Pipedrive

In this guide, we will help you install and set up the Oneflow app for the Pipedrive application so that you can configure the integration between Pipedrive and Oneflow.


To install and set up the Oneflow app, please verify the following:

  • You have an active Oneflow account. If you don't have it yet, please sign up here

  • You use the same email for your Pipedrive and Oneflow accounts.

  • If you set up the Oneflow app for the first time for your organization, you need the admin role in Pipedrive and Oneflow.

We recommend signing in to your Pipedrive and Oneflow accounts before starting the installation and setup process.

First-time installation and configuration 


To install and set up the Oneflow application for Pipedrive for the first time, you need a Oneflow and Pipedrive account with admin rights. Please, request your organization's Oneflow admin to provide you with the corresponding rights if needed.

To install the Oneflow for Pipedrive app:

  1. Go to the Pipedrive Marketplace, search for "Contract magic by Oneflow for Pipedrive," and click Install now.

  2. Review the application permission list and click Allow and Install to provide the required permission.

  3. You will be redirected to the installation wizard. Follow the instructions provided there:
  1. If your account has admin rights, you can proceed to enable the Pipedrive extension in Oneflow. Go to the Oneflow app, enable the Pipedrive extension by clicking the toggle, then click on Details, and click the Integration Setup button to complete the setup.
    You should then see the "Pipedrive integration is active" message.
If your account doesn't have admin rights, please contact your organization's admin.
If you don't have a Oneflow account, please sign up.

You are now ready to create contracts from your Pipedrive account! Please refer to the Create a contract in Pipedrive article.


Please note that installing and setting up the Oneflow for Pipedrive app is required for all users from your organization who want to use this application. Please refer to the application installation for non-admin users. Please proceed to the next chapter to learn more.

Installation for non-admin users 

After completing the initial installation and setup for your organization, all non-admin users who want to use the app will need to install it to start creating contracts from Pipedrive.


Before proceeding with the instructions below, please ensure that: 

  • The Oneflow application for Pipedrive has already been set up by an administrator for your organization. 

  • You belong to your organization's Oneflow account (if not, please request the Oneflow administrator in your organization to invite you to the organization's Oneflow account).

  • You have an account in Pipedrive and Oneflow with the same email.

We recommend signing in to your Pipedrive and Oneflow accounts before starting the installation and setup process.

To install the Oneflow for Pipedrive app:

  1. Go to the Pipedrive Marketplace, search for "Contract magic by Oneflow for Pipedrive", and click the Install now button. 

  2. Review the application permission list and click Allow and Install to provide the required permissions.

  3. Since your organization's administrator has already installed the application and completed the setup. You will receive the success message. Now you can go to your deal in Pipedrive to create contracts. Click Go to Pipedrive to proceed.

Create a contract template in Oneflow

After completing the Oneflow application setup in Pipedrive, you need to create a Pipedrive contract template in the Oneflow web application. You will then use this template for creating contracts from your Pipedrive deals.


Before creating a contract template, make sure you are logged in to Oneflow using the same email as in your Pipedrive account. 

To create a contract template in the Oneflow web application:

  1. Log in to the Oneflow web app, go to the Templates section, select the workspace your account belongs to and click Create template.


    You can also use an existing template and configure it to use as a Pipedrive template. Make sure the existing template is active in the Oneflow web application.

  2. Specify the Template name, add content to the template, and save it. Then, in the Settings tab, in the Template groups field, select Pipedrive Template

  3. Go back to the Templates page, find your template, and click the toggle bar to activate this template.


You can use all active Oneflow templates with the Pipedrive template as a Template group to create contracts from Pipedrive deals.

Adding data fields to a contract template

Apart from setting up the template group, you can create data fields for information that should be automatically passed from Pipedrive to your Oneflow contract. See also the Oneflow Help Center article for more information on how data fields are used in contracts.

To add a data field to your contract template: 

  1. In the Oneflow application, open a contract template where you want to add data fields.

  2. Click any text or form field in your template, and then, in the editor, click the data field icon  (for text fields) or the pen icon  (for form fields). A list of the available data fields will display. Select the data field you need and click Confirm.

    The data field will appear in your contract template accordingly.
  3. Note that when you add data fields to a Form section, the data fields get marked with a link symbol.

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