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Registration number mapping

A company in a Oneflow contract contains a registration number field (Reg No.) as a unique identifier.

This feature lets you link a Pipedrive field (i.e. Organization number) to the company's registration number field in a Oneflow contract. This means the registration number field in your Oneflow contract will be the same as your organization field in Pipedrive. 

Map an organization field to a Reg. No

  1. Navigate to a deal, organization, or person in Pipedrive.
  2. From the Oneflow panel, click on the three dots icon and select Oneflow Settings.
  3. Select the Registration Number Mapping tab.
  4. From the first dropdown, select the Pipedrive field you wish to map with the Oneflow registration number.
    1. If you select None, then no Pipedrive fields will be mapped to the Oneflow registration number. 
    2. In this example, the Organization number field in Pipedrive is mapped to the company's registration number in Oneflow.
    3. Data types that can be mapped include: text, autocomplete text, and numerical values.
  5. Navigate back to the deal,  organization, or person in Pipedrive. 
  6. Click on the Organization name.
  7. Enter a value to the Organization field you mapped in Step 4 (Organization number in this example).
  8. Click Save.
  9. Navigate back to the deal, organization, or person and click on Create Contract. This will open the Oneflow x Pipedrive interface in a new tab.
  10. Enter a name for the contract.
  11. Choose the participants you wish to add by selecting the checkbox.
  12. Click Create Contract to confirm.
  13. Login to Oneflow to open your contract.
  14. The Pipedrive field's value will now be shown in the Reg. No. field of your Oneflow contract.

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