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Stage mapping

Enabling the stage mapping feature automatically changes a deal’s stage in Pipedrive based on the state of Oneflow contracts created from them.

You can customize the stage a deal should be moved to for each Oneflow contract state. For instance, "When a contract is sent/pending, set the Pipedrive deal’s stage to Proposal made".

  1. Log in to Pipedrive as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Oneflow settings page in Pipedrive.
  3. Click on the Stage mapping tab.
  4. Enable stage mapping by clicking on the toggle.
  5. To activate and configure stage mapping:

  6. You can now configure the deal stages for each contract status change event.
  7. The deal stages displayed are dependent on the sales pipeline selected in Pipedrive. You can change the applicable pipeline from the Select pipeline dropdown.
  • Automatic stage mapping will not work for Pipedrive deals with multiple Oneflow contracts. Ensure the Pipedrive deal has only one contract created from it to use stage mapping.

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