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Create a contract with products

You can transfer products in Pipedrive deals to product tables in Oneflow contracts. A range of product attributes can be transferred from Pipedrive to Oneflow including tax on products.

To transfer products from Pipedrive to a Oneflow contract, the contract template should have a product table added to it. See Creating a template with a product table to learn more.
  1. Navigate to a deal in Pipedrive.

  2. Ensure the deal has products added to it. You may add products to a deal by clicking the + Products button.

  3. In the Oneflow add-in, click on Create Contract. The contract creation page will open.
  4. Select a template with a product table, and select the contacts to add as participants to the contract.
  5. Click on Create Contract to confirm.
  6. Products will then be transferred to the product table in the Oneflow contract.
  • Tax on products If the products in Pipedrive are set to Tax Inclusive, then the taxed value of each product will appear in a separate row.
  • Only discounts in the product record will be transferred to the product table in Oneflow. Additional discounts (added through the ‘Add discount’ feature in Pipedrive) will not be synced to Oneflow.

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