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Roles in a Contract


When you have created a contact and you're ready to send it to your colleagues and/or counterparts, there are different roles you can assign to them. 

These roles are:

  • Signatory- A party that can sign the contract. Can also edit if applicable, and add comments.

  • Influencer- A party that has access to the contract, can edit if applicable, and add comments.

  • Viewer- A party that has access to the contract, can add comments.

  • Organizer (internal only) - A colleague that has access to and can administrate the contract. Meaning, if the contract has a life cycle, an Organiser will receive the reminder e-mails in the same way as a signatory/influencer. An Organiser can be added in any stage of the contract, including in closed contracts. Learn more about Organizers here

If an Administrator has granted the permission (Managers in a Workspace have all permissions by default), you can also add yourself (or another colleague) as an organizer to a colleagues contract at any stage of the contract process if needed. This permission is granted via Admin tab -> "Roles" 

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