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Roles in a contract

When you have created contact, you're ready to send it to your colleagues or counterparties.


The role list will differ for colleagues and counterparties.

Counterparty roles

To set a counterparty role:

  1. Create or open a contract.
  2. In the contract Participants tab, click Add counterparty.
  3. Fill in all required fields, click the role drop-down arrow, and click Add.

You can sign the following roles to the counterparties:      

  • Signatory - a party that can sign the contract, edit, and add comments.
  • Influencer - a party with access to the contract who can edit and add comments.
  • Viewer - a party with access to the contract who can add comments.

Colleague roles

To add a colleague with a specific role to your contract party or edit an existing one:

  1. Create or open a contract.
  2. Click Add colleague if you add a new colleague or click the Edit icon to edit one.
  3. Fill in the required fields for a new colleague and click the User role drop-down arrow to select a role.
    Apart from the Influencer, Signatory, and Viewer, there is one more role available for a colleague:
  • Organizer - a colleague with admin access rights to the contract. If the contract has a life cycle, the organizer will receive the reminder e-mails like signatories and influencers. Organizers can be added at any contract stage, including closed contractsLearn more about organizers here.


Users with the Manager role in a specific workspace can add themselves (or other colleagues) as an organizer to a colleague's contract at any stage of the contract process. This permission is granted via the Admin tab > Roles. Learn more about Roles and permissions in a workspace.

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