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Cancel contracts

You might already be using the Oneflow Lifecycle feature which allows you to put a duration in your contracts. This in turn allows parties on both sides to cancel the contract, marking the contract as cancelled in your Archive- but lets it run the course of it's current contract period before it actually ends.

But in some cases, you may need to terminate the contract with immediate effect, or perhaps you didn't incorporate the lifecycle in your contract and it stays active in your Archive even though it may have ended in practice. What then?

Well, click on the three dots in the top right of your contract, and you will find the option to Mark as terminated.

NOTE: No Notification will be sent to your counterpart. If they have a link to the contract they will still be able to reach it, but it will be marked as terminated.

* Note that you need to be a signatory in the contract to have access to this function

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