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Tags are used to mark your contracts and templates to make them easier to find.

Adding tags
Find the contract or template you wish to mark with a tag.

Click on "+ Add tag" to the right in the topbar.

This will open a menu where you can select a tag from the list of previously added tags. If you are an Administrator, you can also click "Manage tags" to get to the tag settings.

Managing tags (Administrators only)
To manage tags, go to Admin tab -> "Account" and click on "Tags".

Here, you can view a list of the tags you've used.

To add a tag, type it into the box marked "Create tag" and press "Create".

To edit or remove a tag, find the tag and click on the arrow next to it to open the editing menu.

Tag permissions
Depending on what user group you belong to, you may have different permissions when it comes to tags. Administrators can always manage and use tags, but you can restrict Users from using tags if you wish.

Read more about User permissions here.

Tips and tricks

  • Tags are a good way of making the contents of a contract searchable. Add "important" or a specific service as a tag and you'll be able to search for it.
  • You can add tags both in the archive view and in the contract view
  • If you tag your templates the tag will follow onto the contract, making it easier to find.
  • More tags than you can count? Don't worry, tags are sorted alphabetically! (And if there really are that many, no one will judge you for pressing Ctrl+F to do a page search)

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