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Import Contracts

“Import” is a function that lets you import signed contracts to your Oneflow archive. This is a good way to make your Oneflow archive more complete and to add contract lifecycles to contracts created outside of Oneflow.

Here’s how you do it:
Go to "Contracts" and click on "Import".

Here, you can upload and import your contract.

You will need to enter:
1. A contract file (in PDF or TIFF form)
2. Attachments (optional)

3. Lifecycle (choose duration type)
4. Participants on your side (Select from a list of your colleagues in Oneflow or add former colleagues)
5. Counterparty (Company information and name of participant) and contract type (B2B or Business to individual)

6. Contract value (optional)
7. Tags (optional)

After you’ve filled in everything, you press “Save changes”, then "Mark as signed", select the date the contract was signed, then press "Mark as signed" again.

The contract will be named after the counterparty, and added to your “Signed” contracts tagged as “Imported”. If you’ve chosen a duration period, a lifecycle display will be visible in the archive view.

*Please note

  • When you import a contract you will automatically have the role "organizer" in the contract. If you are a signatory in the contract, please click on your name and change your role to "signatory".
  • An imported contract cannot be modified after the import, so make sure to include all necessary information before finishing the import.

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