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The editor

The editor

Using Oneflow's text editor brings you multiple options to format your contract, including text-tables, adding images, bulleted lists and more.

Opening the editor

  1. To start using the editor, go into a document of your choice and click on the (+) - sign to create a new section.
  2. Choose "Text and Image" as the section type.
  3. Click on "Add text and image", and the editor will now unlock itself in the top bar above the document's content.

The different tools

The editor brings a plethora of different tools to work with. Here's a list of them in an unspecified order:

  1. Revert & Redo - The buttons to the very left of the editor allows you to revert changes as well as retrieve your reverted changes.
  2. Predefined styles - In the text style option, you can select between different pre-defined formatting options for your text, such as titles, headings, subtitles and quotations.
  3. AI Assist - This feature is still in beta, but lets you use the power of AI to generate a text based on a prompt.
  4. Text formatting: Here you can select between your text color, background, text style (italic, bold, underlined & strikethrough), superscript & subscript, as well as where your text should be aligned in your document.
  5. Text tables: This will give you the option to either use an unnumbered list or a numbered list to structure your points.
  6. Remove formatting: This button allows you to remove any external formatting that may have followed through when you've pasted content from another source.
  7. Page break: Useful for PDF-copies of your document, you can add a page break wherever you want your document to break up in the "PDF/paper"-version of the document. These page breaks are invisible in the online version - they will only appear to you as you edit the document.
  8. Horizontal line: A horizontal line can be added to separate content within your document. This does not have the same function as page break.
  9. Links: Add or remove a hyperlink in your text.
  10. Datafields: Use this function to add data fields within your text, to automatically populate content from other areas.
  11. Add table: Add a text table to order your text in different rows and columns. Read more here.
  12. Add image: Add an image to your text section.

Good to know

  • The editor will only be clickable once you are inside a text and image-section.
  • The counterparty will never be able to edit text sections within your documents (as opposed to editing the values in a Forms-section.)
  • You can lock your text-sections and not allow your users to edit them while creating contracts from the template. Navigate to Admin -> Roles first to ensure that the users don't have the "Lock and unlock document sections for editing" permission activated for their role.

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