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Video content inside a document

Video content inside a document

Videos are an excellent means to infuse personality into your documents, leading to increased engagement from your counterparts. You can incorporate a video either as a welcoming message or, as we'll explore in this guide, as content within your document. 

Uploading a video to a document

  1. Open a document or a template. 
  2. Create a new section > Press the + button below or above a section.
  3. Select Video as section type.
  4. Select video file you want to upload > Confirm

Video files can be a maximum of 120MB large.

Video Section Settings

Congratulations! You've successfully added a video to your document. When you hover over the video, a toolbar will appear above it, offering various options.

Width Options

  • The left button represents the "Small" option, displaying your video as a small centered box.
  • The middle button stands for the "Large" option, presenting your video in a larger format, as shown in the video above.
  • The right button corresponds to the "Full-width" option, where the video stretches across the entire document width, eliminating any white space on the sides.

Additional Options

  • Look for the "[ T ]" option, indicating you can include a title or text beneath the video. You can format this text using our standard text editor tools, just like in a regular text section.
  • The remaining options allow you to replace the current video with another one or delete the video entirely.

Great job exploring the settings for the video section!

Counterparty's view

  • When the counterparty presses "play," the video content will be displayed.
  • In the downloaded PDF, a thumbnail of the video will also be included, accompanied by a text overlay. This text will inform the recipient that to view the video, they should access the document online.
Videos will never automatically play in a document, the counterparty is always required to press play to view the video.

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