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Editing signed documents

No changes can be made to a signed document. There is no way of unlocking a document without making your digital signature invalid.

Edit a signed document

Once a document has been marked as signed, any further modifications are no longer possible. To revise a signed document, there's no need to start from scratch. Simply create a copy of the document.

  1. Open the signed document > Click on the action menu > Copy.
  2. Enter a new document name (Optional)
  3. Make your changes > Click on Save Changes > Send.

The document will then need new signatures.

Why is a new signature necessary?

Even if you consider it to be essentially the same document as before, any alterations to its content result in a completely new document that necessitates a fresh signature.

What should I do with the previous document?

You have a few options: you can either delete it entirely, connect it to the new document, or add a comment to the old document that includes a link to the new one.

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