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Product table

Product Table

Do you have a range of products you'd like to neatly organize in a price list, allowing you or your counterpart to effortlessly select the items for your document? And want show a clear cost summation? Look no further! This article is here to guide you through building and using a product table effectively.

Creating a Product Table Section

  1. Go to Templates > Open a template.
  2. Create a new section (+) > Choose the product table section.
  3. Start adding products and tailor the table to fit your needs.


When you add a product table, you'll see five different columns. The top "gray row" indicates which columns are active. You can choose not to include a column, for example, if you don't need two price columns. To manage columns, click on Settings - the gear icon to the right of the section.

You can rename each column by clicking on the specific one and entering the Column Name.

Description Column

The Description column allows you to add free-form text just like in a regular editor. You can even upload images, providing a visually appealing way to showcase the products.

Price Column

In this section, you'll handle the majority of tasks related to your products. You can set prices, apply discounts, include a currency symbol, and more.

Price & Discount

After adding a product, click on the editing tool and assign a price to it.

Add discounts to your price by entering a percentage (e.g., 1%) or a specific number (e.g., 1).

  • Price must be between 0 and 999999999.
  • The discount cannot exceed 100%.
  • You can add up to 150 products to one template.

Decimal settings 

The selected option will apply to all prices in the product table and product summation.

  1. Click on the first price column > Choose how many decimals you want to show in the dropdown > Save.

You can choose to use decimals in the product table as well as in the product summation section. You may also opt to have decimals in one of these areas if you prefer.

One-time Payment

In the product table, you can have two price columns simultaneously. For instance, if you want one column for a one-time payment, enabling this adds the total cost in that column as a one-time payment, regardless of quantity. 

  1. Click on the price column > Check One-time Payment > Save.

Price Prefix & Price Suffix

You can add a Price Prefix & Price Suffix visible in the price list, indicating the currency if needed.

  1. Click on the first price column > write your prefix or suffix > Save.

Quantity Column

In this column, you can choose the type of quantity to be displayed and have the option to lock the entire column to prevent counterparts from making changes.

Quantity Type

You can choose whether to display a Multiple Selection, Single Selection, or Number.

  • Multiple Selection: Allows you to check multiple checkboxes if you have several products with checkboxes.
  • Single Selection: If multiple products have single-choice options, you can only choose one.
  • Number: Lets you select how much/how many of the product.

You can choose a quantity type for each product.

  1. Click on the editing tool > Choose Quantity Type from the dropdown list.

Locking the Product Table for Editing

When inviting counterparts to a document, they can only make selections in the quantity column, while colleagues can edit all columns. This can be controlled by locking the quantity column or the entire section.

Lock Product Quantity for Counterparties

This is where you can lock the counterparties ability to make selections to the quantity column. You can choose to lock counterparties from editing all quantity fields in one product table or a specific product. 

  • Click on the quantity column > Uncheck "Allow counterparts to change field quantity." - This will lock all quantity fields in the product table.
  • Click on edit product > Check "Disable counterparties from editing field quantity" - This will lock the one specific product. 

Lock Product Table for Colleagues

You can choose to lock the entire product table for editing or lock everything but still allow colleagues to edit the quantity.

  1. Click on the gear icon > Choose Lock section.
    The entire section except for the quantity is now locked for colleagues.
  2. Click on quantity > Uncheck Allow colleagues to edit field quantity if they should not be able to change the quantity.

When you lock the section for colleagues, the quantity can still be changed. You need to click on quantity > Uncheck "Allow colleagues to edit field quantity" if they should not be able to change the quantity.

Product Summation

With product summation, you can merge multiple price columns from one or more product tables. For instance, if you have two product tables and wish to calculate a total cost, providing clear insights for your customers.

  1. Create a new section (+) > Choose the product summation section.
  2. Enter a name for the summation, add a currency symbol or text for clarity, select how many decimals to apply and Select the necessary price columns to include in the summation.

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