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Link contracts

You can use the Link to feature if you have related contracts and want to link them.

To link contracts:

  1. Go to Contracts and find the contract you want to link from/to, click the three dots menu icon > Link to...
  2. In the pop-up window that appears, select the link Type.
  3. Choose what type of link it is: 

    - Relates to

    - Is the main contract to

    - Is a sub-contract to

    - Replaces

    - Is replaced by

    - Amends

    - Is amended by.

  4. Then search for the contract you want to link.


    You can search for contract name, contract ID, and counterparty information.

  5. Select the contract and click Add link.

    When the contracts are linked, the corresponding tag will be shown in the contract line, and the linked contract will be displayed when you click the link tag.
    You can add more links by clicking + Link to...

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