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Adding a Video to Contracts

You can now record a screen demo with voice or a personal video greeting in Oneflow and add them as part of the content in your proposal or contract! 

By adding a video to a contract you have an extra opportunity to explain certain parts of the contract or to simply present yourself to further increase the chances of the contract being signed. 

Here is how you do it:

Or read intext below:

When you create a contract you will find "Add video" on the right sidebar under "Settings". 

When you click on "add video" you can choose your preferred method of adding the video:

  • Record from webcam
  • Record from screen
  • Upload from computer

Wait until the uploading & processing is done, then press "back to contract" and you should see the video on the right sidebar. Now you're all done!

The added video will be shown as a pop up window the first time the counterparty opens the contract. It will be played once they press the Play button. After they've seen it once it will still be viewable and lying on the left side of the contract content.


  • A recorded video can be maximum 5min long
  • File size is limited to 120 MB
  • We only support Chrome & Firefox browsers
  • When adding a video it's important not to cancel or refresh the page during the "processing" state
  • You can mute your microphone by pressing the icon in the bottom-right corner
  • You can pause the recording by pressing the pause icon to the left of the record button
  • If your camera or microphone is not enabled you will be notified.

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