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Video content inside a document

Videos are a great way to add a piece of personality to your documents, and can produce better engagement from your counterparts. You can add a video either as a welcome message, or as we'll be going through in this guide, as content inside your document. 

Uploading a video to a document

  1. To get started, navigate to a document or a template. 
  2. Videos will have their own section, meaning that you'll add a new section to insert a video. Press the + button below or above a section.
  3. Select "Video" as section type

  4. The new section will now appear, giving you information regarding how to upload the video and a maximum file size of the video.
  5. Select the video file you want to upload and confirm.

Video files can be a maximum of 120MB large.

Settings for the video section

Great job! We now have a video ready for the document. As we hover over the video, we will se a toolbar appear above the video with multiple options.

The first three buttons to the left decide on the width of your video.

  • The left button is for the Small option. Your video will be displayed as a small centered box.
  • The middle button is for the Large option. Your video will be displayed as in the screenshot above, in a larger format.
  • The right button is for the Full-width option. This is our largest option, making the video stretch out the whole document width to not leave any white space on the sides of the video. 

You will also find a [ T ] option, which indicates that you can add a title or a text attached underneath the video. This text can be fully formatted with our regular text editor tools, just like in a text section. The last options are for replacing a video with another one, and finally a delete button to remove the video completely.

Counterparty's view

  • The counterparty will press play to display the video content.
  • In the downloaded PDF, a thumbnail of the video will be displayed as well as a text over it, informing the recipient to view the document online to be able to see the video.

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