You might have several Collections across your company that need to use the same template. Instead of copying the template and moving it (which creates the need to edit every template separately), you can simply share it!

This is how it works - You need access to templates in the Collection holding the template you wish to share (parent-template), as well as access to templates in the Collection you wish to share the template with. When this is the case, this is what you'll see:

When you click on the "Share template" button, a list will open with all the Collections available to share the template with. If you have previously shared the template, those Collections will be marked. Choose your Collections and Confirm. The template is now shared!

Note that the template will be available in read-only mode in all Collections you share it with while the parent-template keeps its original abilities.

In a shared Collection, the template will be marked with a lock indicating that it cannot be edited.

Stop sharing a template

If there is no longer a need to share a template, you can stop sharing it by clicking on the "Share template" button, untick the Collections which no longer need the template and confirm.


All tags set on a template will follow to all shared Collections.


  • If you for some reason need to edit the template in a shared Collection, you can copy the template- edit- save.
  • If you move the parent- template to a Collection which it is not shared to, the link to the shared Collections will remain.