Here's a really quick video guide for creating HTML templates in Oneflow:

Or read intext below

Time to get to work: Here’s how you make your first template!

Click on Contracts under Templates. Then, click on the “Create new template” button to create your first template!

This opens up the editing menu where you start building your contract template. In the left panel you see what we call sections. Each section has specific functions. You may use as many sections as you need in your template. Drag and drop the sections where you want them in your template, and then press “Create content”.

If you don’t know where to begin, you can use one of your existing contracts and try to recreate it in Oneflow. We encourage you to play around with the sections to find new creative solutions!

And don’t forget to save what you’ve done!

Once you’re done testing and building, name the template, choose type (B2B or B2C) and if you want to allow your counterpart to decline your offer. You can also select the way your counterpart will receive your contract and the signing method that suits you best.

You can read more here:

Delivery Methods

Signing Methods

If you wish to use other terms than "offer" and "contract", go to Contract namning and click on "Edit" to change the nouns which suit your proposal.

Clicking “Activate template” will let you access it by clicking the “Create contract” button in the main view.

Turn your template into a contract by clicking “Create contract”!

Psst, If you're looking for the way to create a simple PDF based contract template, check out this guide.