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Required fields

Required fields

In this article, you will learn how to utilize 'required fields' in your templates and documents. Using required fields in your documents can be highly beneficial in ensuring that you collect necessary information for the participants.

There are two sections where you can make fields required:

  • Forms
  • Attachments

All required fields will display a blue indicator arrow, clearly indicating that information is required. The blue arrow disappears once the necessary information is provided.

Required Fields in Form Fields 

  1. Open a template > Create and/or edit a form field.
  2. Check the 'Required' checkbox.

Required Fields in an Attachment Box

  1. Open a template > Create an attachment section.
  2. Click on the gear icon > Select Require Counterparty Attachment.

Good to know..

None of the participants in the document will be able to sign if there are any required fields that need attention. The signing button will appear grayed out and un-clickable. 

Above the signing button, there will be a message informing that there are required fields that need to be addressed. Clicking "view required fields" will take you directly to the required fields. 

  • Required fields cannot be linked to the counterparty side only or to a unique participant.
  • You can use 'Sign Order' in conjunction with required fields, but it's important to note that the first signatory in the order is the one who needs to complete all required fields before they can sign.

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