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Create a template

Create a template

Let's get to work! In this article, you'll learn how you create a simple template.

Depending on which workspace role you have been assigned, it may be that you do not have permission to manage templates.
  1. Go to Templates > Create template.
  2. You will from here be greeted with two different options. Click on Add content.
  3. The section menu will appear, where you can start adding various section types appropriate for your document.

Add content

Every Oneflow document is built on different sections and section types, that you can rearrange as needed. The section type options are:

  • Text and image
    Makes it possible to add regular text, images & text-tables. This is also the only section where our editor toolbar can be used, with many different settings. The toolbar can be found above the document.
  • Video
    Gives you the possibility to add a shorter video to your document.
  • Product table
    Use a product table to display your products/services in a customisable table that provides a calculated summation.
  • Form
    The section "form" is often helpful, giving you the option to add different form fields that either you or the counterpart can fill in. Within forms, dropdown menus and checkboxes are selectable too. We recommend using forms if your documents need input from your counterparts.
  • Duration
    Adding a duration section to your document will enable you to track and be notified about your document's life cycle, with recurring periods as an option.
  • PDF document
    Lets you upload a PDF-document to be presentable within the document (i.e. not as a downloadable attachment).
  • Attachments
    Allows you to upload multiple attachments that will be presented in a list view for either a preview or download.
  • Product summation
    This section works together with your product tables, and allows you to add a summation from multiple tables or just one wherever you want in your document.
If you're not sure where to begin, you can use one of your existing documents and recreate it in Oneflow. We encourage you to play around with the sections to find creative solutions! We also have a template library from which you can download example templates and get some inspo.

Add sections

To add a section to your document, you can simply hover over any section which will make the (+)-icon be displayed either above or below the different sections. Upon clicking on this button, you will be able to select a section.

To remove a section, hover over the section and click the cog wheel that appears to the right of the section. From here, select "Remove section".

Rearrange sections

If you have more than one section added to your document, you can rearrange the sections by either dragging the 6 dots to the left of them, or pressing the arrows to move the section one step at a time.

Set template name and choose settings

Once you're done building, it's time to choose your settings and name your template.

  1. Give your template a name.
  2. Go to Settings > Choose the settings that should be default when you will then use the template.

Template Settings

The different settings available are:


  • Template group
  • Interface language
  • Default role in document
  • Save new documents to
  • Welcome video
  • Enable collaboration
  • Allow counterparties to resolve comments
Text formatting
  • Font
  • Size 
  • Color

Signing and security
  • Signing method for counterparties
  • Delivery Channel
  • Signing period
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Signing attachments is required
Counterparty preferences
  • Counterparty type
  • Allow counterparties to decline the document
  • Allow counterparties to update their details
Duration and reminders
  • Duration reminder

Customize setting options

Within Oneflow you have the power to customize the signing methods, two-factor authentication and delivery channels available for specific templates. For example, if you have multiple signing methods activated on your account, such as Swedish Bank ID, SMS, handwritten signatures, and standard e-signatures, you can selectively enable specific methods and delivery channels, ensuring that, for instance, only Swedish Bank ID and handwritten signatures are available for all agreements generated from a particular template.

All settings you have on the template will be default when you create documents from the template.

Publish template

To make templates available for usage, you need to publish the template. 

  1. Go to Templates >  Click on the action menu > Publish Template. 
  2. Once published you can access and use the template when creating a + New document.

If you're looking for a way to create a simple PDF-based document template, check out this guide.

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