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AI Assist

Writer's block can be tough, and sometimes you need a bit of inspiration to get started. In these cases, AI Assist will be an incredibly helpful tool to use within Oneflow! You can use AI Assist to generate literally almost every kind of text you can think of, in multiple languages.

How does AI Assist work?

AI-assist uses OpenAI's API to make the requests, and provides you with a result that you can insert directly within your document. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can try to alter your query and click on "Try again". 

Using AI Assist

AI Assist can be used within your "Text and image"-sections, and the option can be found in two different ways.

Option 1

The first option is when you're adding a new section to your document. There you will be presented with two different options, "Add text and image" which lets you write freely, and "AI Assist (Beta)" which will bring you to the AI Assist dialogue box.

Option 2

The second option is when you're already editing a text-section. Here you will find the AI Assist option as a button in the toolbar. Simply place your cursor wherever you want the AI Assist text to be added, and then click the button up top.

Creating a query

When you proceed to the AI Assist dialogue, you will be shown different examples of what queries you could use to generate a text, and a text-box where you'll type your query.

When you're happy with your query, click on "Generate" to see the result. The result will generate for a couple of seconds, and then be presented to you on the screen. 

If you're happy with the result, press "Insert into document" to transfer the text into your section -- and if you want a different take on it, try changing your query a bit and click on "Try again". 

AI Assist is still in beta and may occasionally produce incorrect / inaccurate information. AI-assist also has limited knowledge of events after 2021.

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