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(Beta) Section Rules

Getting started

Working with section rules within your contracts and templates can provide you with great customising possibilities and give your contracts a real edge! Section rules enables you to hide and show selected sections using rules controlled by triggers.

To enable the feature you create data fields to decide which sections to hide or show with different sectional rules. Therefor to get going, you need to create a new template group.

  1. Go to your admin-settings
  2. Navigate to Account -> Extensions
  3. Enable Template Groups

Now, click on Template Groups. Here you will see the option "+ Add a template group". Name it and the description after your own choosing. While editing the group, set it active and go to the Data fields tab. From here you are going to have to create the data fields that will be the rules that control your sections. 

Add data fields in templates

After you have created your first data field, go back to any template of your choosing. Go to the settings part of the template, and choose the template group to make it available to use within the document.

Now your template is ready!

Setting section rules 

To start with a basic trigger, we're going to use be using a checkbox field as an example to hide or show a section. In your template:

  1. Press the at the bottom of your template to add a new section
  2. Select Form
  3. Click on Add Field, and in the settings for the field choose "Checkbox" as type. 
  4. Under Data field, select the data field that you want to set as a trigger for the section rule. In this example, we have a data field called "Introduction text" that you will be seeing in the following screenshots.
  5. Save the field.

Now, for the section where you want to add rules, select the cog wheel to the right of the section and click on "Section rules".

This will give you the option to choose what happens when you click on the checkbox. We are going to make it control the visibility for the introducing text section. We configured it as the following:

Click on Save rule after you are happy with the configuration. Now you should see that the section is greyed out. This is how Oneflow displays "hidden text". When you check the checkbox, the section should be displayed again. This is one of the multiple adaptions of how section rules can be used, time to get creative!


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