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Two-Way synchronization of products

Two-way sync helps keep product fields up-to-date in Dynamics and Oneflow keeping data consistent across both platforms.

With two-way sync, you can rest assured that changes made in one system will be reflected in the other. This ensures all parties stay up to date with the latest information resulting in unparalleled data consistency, cost and time savings, and reduced risk of manual data entry.

  • Product fields are initially transferred from Dynamics to Oneflow when the contract is created.
  • When product fields are changed in Dynamics, you can push these changes to their corresponding product fields in Oneflow.
  • Conversely, when product fields are changed in Oneflow, the corresponding product fields in Dynamics are updated automatically. However, you can also manually fetch updates from Oneflow to Dynamics.

Getting started

  1. Login to Dynamics. 
  2. From the settings cog, select Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on Oneflow Settings.
  4. Click on the Setup Entities tab.
  5. Select the entity you would like to configure (I.e. Opportunity, Quote).
  6. Click on the Products tab.
  7. Enable the Product mappings and sync settings toggle.
    Note: if this toggle is disabled, then no products will be transferred to or from Oneflow. 
  8. Select a Dynamics entity from the Select a source for product information dropdown.
    Note: You can see the same product entity multiple times in the list in case it has more than one N:1 relationship with your “main” entity. You will be able to differentiate by the name of that relationship’s lookup field in the round brackets.
    Note that only the following types of entities are shown in this dropdown list:
    • Not an Activity entity
    • Not a Business process flow entity
    • Not a system entity (is customizable, is public, is valid for the advanced find)
    • Has an N:1 relationship with your “main” entity.
  9. Select a Dynamics field for the Name and Description fields on the Dynamics side.
    Dynamics field: the source field in Dynamics for your product entity.
    Oneflow field: the target field in the Oneflow product table to which Dynamics product information is transferred to.
  10. Select a sync direction for each product field mapping.There are three sync direction options you can choose from.
    1. Sync once: The product field will be synced (from Dynamics to Oneflow) only when you create a contract. Any changes made to the product field after contract creation will not be synced back to Dynamics.
    2. Dynamics to Oneflow: Allows you to push any changes to Dynamics product fields back to product fields in the Oneflow contract. This is done using the Push updates to Oneflow button in the widget.
    3. Two-way Sync: In addition to the Dynamics to Oneflow functionality, two-way sync will automatically update Dynamics product fields when their corresponding product fields change in Oneflow.
      1. This process is automatic if you've enabled the Webhooks feature during setup. 
      2. This can also be done manually using the Fetch updates from Oneflow option in the widget.
  11. Click on Save mapping.

Product Sync

  • To synchronize products between Dynamics and Oneflow, you can use either the Push Updates or Fetch Updates (optional) buttons.
  • Using the Fetch Updates button is optional because any updates from Oneflow are processed automatically.

Push updates to Oneflow

Any time the `Push updates` button is used, it will refresh the product table in your Oneflow contract.

  • Any products that are deleted from the product list will be removed in Oneflow, and any new products will be fetched from Dynamics and created in your contract.
  • As for existing products, the integration will respect your selected sync direction for each field. Only product fields set to either Dynamics to Oneflow or Two-way sync will be updated (synced to Oneflow).
  • If you add any product to your Oneflow contract manually, these will remain untouched, and will not be removed during the Push updates process.
Note: Pushing updates to Oneflow will only update product fields with a sync direction of Dynamics to Oneflow or Two-way sync. product fields set to a sync direction of Create only will not be overwritten.

Fetch updates from Oneflow

Fetching updates is done automatically through webhook events. However, if the contract is not yet sent, then the Fetch Updates from Oneflow option can be used to pull updates from Oneflow back to your Dynamics instance. This option can also be used if you decide to not set up webhooks for your Oneflow integration.

  • Any products deleted from your product table in Oneflow will not be deleted in Dynamics.
  • If you create new products in your Oneflow contract, these will not be pulled to your Dynamics instance.
  • For any other changes, the Oneflow extension will respect your selected sync direction for each specific field in your product line item. Only product fields set to Two-way sync will be updated.


  • Sales Module products
    • The 'Two-way sync' direction can be selected only for `Price per unit` and `Quantity` fields.
      • Two-way sync direction can be enabled for price per unit, however, will work only for write-in products.

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