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Product mappings

Product mapping allows you to transfer product information from Dynamics entities to product table fields in a Oneflow contract.

A product in Dynamics can be associated with one or more Dynamics entities (I.e. Opportunities, Quotes). This is referred to as a 1:N (One-to many) relationship. For instance, one Opportunity in Dynamics can be associated with one or more product records.

When creating contracts from Dynamics entities, their associated product information can be sent to Onelow.

The Oneflow extension supports product mapping for the following entities in Dynamics.

  • Sales module products: will be applied automatically if your “main” entity is an `opportunity` or `quote` and will point either to `opportunityproduct` or `quotedetail` respectively. However, opportunities or quotes are not limited to only these product entities and you can remap them to any other product entity of your choosing. 
  • Custom products: applies to any other custom product entity implemented in your Dynamics environment.

Getting started

  1. Login to Dynamics. 
  2. From the settings cog, select Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on Oneflow Settings.
  4. Click on the Setup Entities tab.
  5. Select the entity you would like to configure (I.e. Opportunity, Quote).
  6. Click on the Products tab.
  7. Enable the Product mappings and sync settings toggle.
    Note: if this toggle is disabled, then no products will be transferred to or from Oneflow. 
  8. Select a Dynamics entity from the Select a source for product information dropdown.
    Note: You can see the same product entity multiple times in the list in case it has more than one N:1 relationship with your “main” entity. You will be able to differentiate by the name of that relationship’s lookup field in the round brackets.
    Note that only the following types of entities are shown in this dropdown list:
    • Not an Activity entity
    • Not a Business process flow entity
    • Not a system entity (is customizable, is public, is valid for the advanced find)
    • Has an N:1 relationship with your “main” entity.
  9. Select a Dynamics field for the Name and Description fields on the Dynamics side.
    Dynamics field: the source field in Dynamics for your product entity.
    Oneflow field: the target field in the Oneflow product table to which Dynamics product information is transferred to.
  10. Select a sync direction for each product field mapping.
    There are three sync direction options you can choose from.
    1. Sync once: The product field will be synced (from Dynamics to Oneflow) only when you create a contract. Any changes made to the product field after contract creation will not be synced back to Dynamics.
    2. Dynamics to Oneflow: Allows you to push any changes to Dynamics product fields in the Oneflow contract. This is done using the Push updates to Oneflow button in the widget.
    3. Two-way Sync: In addition to the Dynamics to Oneflowfunctionality, two-way sync will automatically update Dynamics product fields when their corresponding product fields change in Oneflow.
      1. This process is automatic if you have enabled the Webhooks feature during setup.
      2. This can also be done manually using the Fetch updates from Oneflow option in the widget.
  11. Click on Save mapping.

Sales Module product mappings

Most fields for Sales Module product mappings are set and cannot be changed. This is due to complex Dynamics logic relating to price and discount calculations, write-in vs. existing products, etc. The Oneflow extension relies on these underlying Dynamics features to reliably transfer product information to Oneflow contracts. Thus, most fields cannot be remapped.

On this page, you can select which Dynamics product fields will sync to Oneflow. In addition to the typical product field attributes you can also sync global discounts, tax, and freight attributes. These fields can be from Opportunity or Quote entities in Dynamics.

Custom product mappings

Custom product mappings have a different layout. The Oneflow extension will only retrieve information from your product entity. As such, your product entity will have the same data structure as the product table in your Oneflow contract. To learn more, see Oneflow Product Data Structure.

  • You can map various fields from your Dynamics product to a corresponding product table field in Oneflow. You can also switch between `Discount Percent` and `Discount Amount` for the Price1 and Price2 fields.
  • Note: If you switch between Discount Percent and Discount Amount, then the Discount Percentage will be ignored. This is because only one discount type can be transferred to Oneflow for each product's price.


  1. Currently, it is only possible to transfer products if your contract template has exactly one product table inside.
  2. You can only map fields with the following data types for your product information:
    1. Quantity: any numeric data type (decimal, int, long, double)
    2. Price: Money
    3. Discount: Money
    4. Discount Percent: decimal, double
    5. Description: string, memo
    6. Name: string, memo

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