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Understanding contract data stored in Dynamics CRM

The Oneflow Dynamics CRM extension keeps the critical contract data in your Dynamics organization. 

You can use it to create dashboards and charts or even additional customizations on top of our data model.

Oneflow contract entity

All contract data is stored in the Oneflow contract entity in Dynamics. 

Below is a complete list of fields stored in your Dynamics organization: 

NameLogical nameTypeDescription
Active Untilof_activeuntilDateThe date until which the contract is active.
Created OncreatedonDateThe date the contract was created.
Cancel Dateof_canceledonDateThe date the contract was canceled.
Declined Onof_declinedonDateThe date the contract was declined.
Ended Onof_endedonDateThe date the contract ended.
Expired Onof_expiredonDateThe date the contract expired.
Expiresof_expiresonDateThe date the contract expires.
Renewal Dateof_renewsdateDateThe date the contract will renew.
Sentof_sentonDateThe date the contract was sent to all participants.
Sign Dateof_signdateDateThe date all participants signed the contract.
Startsof_startsonDateThe date the contract starts.
OwnerowneridEntityReferenceThe contract owner is always the user who created the contract in Dynamics using the Oneflow widget.
Status ReasonstatuscodeOptionSetThe status of the contract. Currently, there are five statuses available in Dynamics:
  • Draft
  • Signed
  • Declined
  • Sent
  • Expired.

Contract events handling

After a user creates a contract in Dynamics using the Oneflow widget, some contract updates in Oneflow are synced back with your Dynamics organization. 

Below is a complete list of events that Oneflow handles for the Dynamics extension: 

  • When the contract is published (sent) to all participants.

  • When the sent contract is updated and all signatures are reset.

  • When the contract is deleted in Oneflow.

  • When the contract is declined.

  • When the contract is signed.

  • When the contract expires.

  • When one of the participants is deleted from the contract.

  • When a participant opens the contract for the first time.

  • When a participant signs the contract.

  • When a participant declines the contract.


The contract record in Dynamics is updated when one or more of the contract events described above occurs.

Analyze contract data

You can use the fields specified above to build custom views or charts to analyze your contract data in Dynamics. 

Please refer to the official Microsoft guides below to learn how to:

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