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Add the Oneflow widget to a custom form

You can configure the Oneflow widget to be displayed on your portal for your team to create contracts from.


Any entity, including custom ones, now supports contract creation.

To add the widget, please configure the following.

Perform the steps below to place the Oneflow widget on a new entity or change its place on the form:

  1. Log in to Dynamics 365 with admin credentials and go to Settings > Advanced Settings

  2. Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the system.

  3. Choose the entity and the form where you want to place the widget under Components > Entities > <your custom entity> > Forms > <your form>.


    In this example, we use the Opportunity entity, however, the process of placing the widget is the same for all entities, including custom entities.

  4. At the top navigation ribbon, click the Insert tab.

  5. Create a New Section or Tab if required, where you want to place the Oneflow widget.

  6. Choose the section where you want to place the Oneflow widget.

  7. Select an existing or add a new Single line of text field. For Opportunity, there is an existing field for this purpose called Oneflow Widget.

  8. Drag and drop the field to the section where you want to place the widget.

  9. Double-click the field to edit it.

  10. In the Field Properties dialog, type in the Label name and clear the Display label on the form checkbox.

  11. Go to the Controls tab and click Add Control.

  12. Find the Oneflow widget control in the list and click Add.

    Click OK.

  13. Select all devices for the Oneflow widget control.

  14. Click Save and then Publish buttons.

    You're done!

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