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Signing order

The Signing order feature helps you set up your contract distribution list to get sent in a specific order.


You can only set up the signing order for contracts in the Draft state before the contract is sent.

Activate and assign signing order

To activate the Signing order feature:

  1. Go to your contract > Participants tab.
  2. Activate the Signing order function.
  3. Choose which participant should sign the contract in which order by selecting the corresponding order number from the dropdown.


    You can select the same signing order for several participants. In this case, everyone with number 1 will receive and sign the contract first, and then it will be sent to everyone with number 2.


Your counterparts will not receive the contract or any related notifications until it is their turn to sign. Once they have access, they can follow all events in the audit log and comment as usual.


  • Once your contract is sent, your signing order is set and cannot be adjusted.
  • It is impossible to make private comments to a colleague until they have access to the contract.
  • The Signing order feature does not work on agreements using the Same device signing method.

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