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Internal reminders

Internal reminders

You may already be using our lifecycle feature that allows you to receive automatic reminders on document periods, cancellation periods etc. In addition, you can now choose to enable your own internal reminder for documents without needing a lifecycle! With this feature, you're also able to include colleagues who are not a participant in the document itself.

You can create an internal reminder in three different views. 

  • In Oneflow's own calendar.
  • Via the document archive. 
  • Directly in the document. 

Calendar view                                                                        

To the left in the calendar view, you will be able to filter on all of your documents that has a life cycle and/or internal reminders, you also have the option to create new reminders.

All reminders - Documents that has a lifecycle and/or an internal reminder.
Created by me - Documents where you have activated an internal reminder yourself.
Created by others - Documents where your colleagues have enabled an internal reminder.

To separate the Lifecycle reminders and the internal reminders in the calendar and document archive, all internal reminders will have the color purple.

Create an internal reminder in the calendar view

  1. Go to Documents > Calendar.
  2. Click on + New reminder.
  3. Fill in all the necessary and required information.

When you create a new reminder, you can find the document by searching for:
  • The name of the document.
  • Names of participants in document.
  • Document ID. 
  • By scrolling in the drop-down list.

Create an internal reminder in the document view

  1. Go to a Document 
  2. Click on the action menu > Create internal reminder
  3. Fill in all the necessary and required information.

Document archive 

Once you are inside the document archive, you'll be able to see all documents that have an internal reminder.
You can create new reminders by clicking on the action menu.

Invite colleagues to receive reminders

You can invite up to 50 active colleagues to receive a reminder regardless of the colleague's permissions. 

When you invite a colleague who is not a participant in a document or has permission to the workspace from which the document was created from, you as the creator of the reminder will receive a notification about this before inviting the colleague. It will look like this:

You can create an internal reminder regardless what the status of the document is. It doesn't matter if it's a draft, pending, signed, or overdue.

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