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Creating contracts from custom objects

While the Oneflow x Salesforce app offers out-of-the-box support for creating contracts with Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts, it also supports creating contracts from custom objects in Salesforce (i.e. Leads, Quotes). To create a contract from a custom object, you will need to perform the steps in this guide.

Any objects excluding Opportunities, Contacts, and Accounts are referred to as Custom Objects.

1. Fetching the required fields for the custom object

Oneflow's Salesforce app offers a range of customization options for a tailor-made contracts approach to your organization. Salesforce uses "flows" to manage settings related to Oneflow and other APIs.

Flows are triggered and run whenever you use the Oneflow app on Salesforce and will fetch data relating to the objects contained in the flow. For instance, if you wish to create a contract from a Lead in Salesforce, then the Lead object should be added to the flow.

To create contracts from custom objects:

  1. Customize the following flows in Salesforce to fetch data from the custom object.

    1. Participants flow
    2. Data field flow
    3. Product mapping flow
      (Optional: Modify this flow only if you wish to add products to your contract.)
  2. Open the Oneflow app from the app launcher, go to the Oneflow Configuration tab, then select the Data Fields tab.
    The data fields table on this page contains all fields fetched from the objects in your flow. Select which data fields you wish to make available in your Oneflow contracts.

2. Add the Oneflow widget to your custom object

  1. Open a record (i.e. an instance) of the custom object (i.e. a Lead, Quote).
  2. Click on the Settings icon, then select Edit Page. This opens the Lightning App Builder.
  3. Drag and drop the Oneflow Contracts List component from the panel to the dashboard.
  4. Click on Save.

3. Create a contract from the custom object

  1. Open a record (i.e. an instance) of the custom object (i.e. a Lead, Quote).
  2. In the Oneflow Contracts widget, click on + New to create a new contract.
  3. Select a Workspace and a Template from the dropdowns.
  4. Click on + Add to add contacts from Salesforce as participants to your Oneflow contract.
    By default, Salesforce will show the contacts associated with the selected custom object (i.e. Lead).
  5. Click on the Create button to finish creating the contract.

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