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Oneflow Participants flow customization

When you create a Oneflow contract from Salesforce using the Oneflow widget, you can choose among available potential participants of the contract. The Oneflow Participants flow defines the participant list from the flow shipped with Oneflow for Salesforce. 

You can find this flow at Setup > Flow > Oneflow Participants.

The default flow is based on the Opportunity, Account, and Contact objects, i.e., it supports logic for participant mapping for Opportunity, Account, and Contact. The flow queries the contract roles of the provided record ID. These records are then converted into the OFapp__PotentialParticipant datatype.

The result of the flow is a collection of OFapp__PotentialParticipant items. The OFapp__PotentialParticipant data type has these attributes:


The participant identifier. This field needs to be unique for all participants of the contract. Often you can just use a record ID for this.


The first name of the participant


The last name of the participant

The participant's email. Depending on your template settings, this value might be required.
The phone number of the participant. Depending on your template settings, this value might be required.

Date of Birth


The date of birth of the participant


The country of residence of the participant.


The Salesforce role of the participant.

Oneflow Role


The Oneflow role of the participant. Defaults to Signatory. 


The identifier of the party (Organisation no.) to which this participant belongs. When multiple participants have the same identifier, they will be grouped on Oneflow. Leave this value empty to create an individual without a company. 


The name of the party this participant belongs to.

A participant is always added to the contract as an individual if no party identifier is provided. If a party identifier is specified, a participant is added as a member of their company by default. The participant selection screen allows the user to be added as an individual.

Customize data mapping for Party data from Salesforce to Oneflow

When you create a contract from Opportunity or Account, or Contact, Oneflow provides the default mapping for the following Party/Participant attribute : 

  • PartyName(Account Name) 
  • PartyIdentifier (Organization number) 
  • FirstName, LastName(Participant name) 
  • Email(Participant email), 
  • Phone(Participant's phone number) 
  • Date of Birth(Participant's date of birth)
  • Identifier(Participant identifier). 

You can change the default mapping or add additional information, such as the participant title or the country of the participant's company.

Set organization number and country data for counterparties

To set a country for a counterparty according to the Salesforce data (in the example that follows from the Account object ), you need to modify the Participant flow. Depending on which object you use to create a contract, for example, Opportunity, you need to change the corresponding path in the flow. In this example, we're using the Opportunity flow: 

You can also assign the account-related information in the Assign Account Values step of the flow. In the following example, the flow uses the account information from the contact roles associated with the Opportunity and assigns data to the contract participants. You need to map which contact attribute in Salesforce should provide the participant's country information.

Similarly, you can modify where the partyidentifier or organization number for the company or account should come from by mapping values against PotentialParticipant>partyidentifier.

Since an opportunity can get participants from an opportunity contact role and an account associated with an opportunity, you will need to make similar changes to the Assign Account Values step in the loop for Contacts From Opp Account.

Oneflow expects the country data to be in the ISO format  (e.g., SE, not Sweden) to be represented correctly in the contract. If the data is not in the ISO format, you will receive the following error while creating the contract:

Map participant title with Salesforce data

You can also change the default participant mapping or add additional participant information from Salesforce, such as title mapping. To set this mapping, you must make changes in the Create Prospect step of the Opportunity Contact Roles loop.

Since an opportunity can get participants from the opportunity contact role and the account associated with the opportunity, you must make similar changes in the Create Potential Participant step of the loop for Contacts From Opp Account.

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