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Enable Exception, Integration and Debug logs.

This integration contains a comprehensive logging system to track application performance and monitor exceptions effectively. This article provides an overview of these logging capabilities. This empowers users to identify and resolve issues swiftly for a seamless user experience.

Logging Types 

The logging system differentiates between three key types of logs, each serving a distinct purpose:

  1. Exception Logs: Enabled by default, these logs capture backend exceptions that occur during application execution. When features don't work as expected or errors arise, referring to Exception Logs offers valuable insights for troubleshooting.
  2. Integration Logs: Disabled by default, Integration Logs track triggered integrations within the application. This log contains input and output JSON data, facilitating detailed analysis and debugging of integrations.
  3. Debug Logs: Also disabled by default, Debug Logs provide in-depth details about specific code points. For instance, they log Oneflow Webhook Events captured by the Salesforce API, offering developers a granular view of application behavior.

Flexible Configuration

  • Users retain the flexibility to toggle logging types on or off according to their requirements. The setup can be accessed and modified within the application settings.


Access to Log Entries is granted to users holding the Oneflow Admin Permission Set Group. This ensures that only authorized personnel can review and analyze the logs.


  • Enabling logs can be effortlessly accomplished by navigating to:
    Setup > Custom Settings > Log Setup > Manage
  • Users can choose to activate logs either at the organization level or tailor them per user/profile.


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