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Admin- Data management

What is Data Management?

In your administrative settings you have a dedicated section to control where your company data is stored and what features you want to use within our service. This can be useful information in regards to complying with your company's data storage policies, and what information is displayed within your documents. 

This section can be found by administrators by going to Admin >  Data management

Detailed descriptions


The DPO-email is where GDPR and privacy related updates will be sent. This information is intended for your Data Protection Officer or the person responsible for the handling of personal data at your company.

Email service provider

You can choose between two email service providers for all transactional emails sent from Oneflow. 

  • Postmark - Offers the highest delivery rate. Located in the USA.
  • AWS SES - Located in EU.


This option enables/disables you to access our customer support chat directly within your account. If disabled, you will instead be greeted with an email form to send your support errand to our team. is a service we use to onboard your users (not your end customers) with email messages where the focus is on onboarding, tips, tricks, feature updates, newsletters about the service, etc. The goal is for your employees to be able to become Oneflow experts without you having to spend resources on training your colleagues. Each user can unsubscribe from these messages (like a regular newsletter/information letter) and you can also make the decision to completely turn off this sync between your account and Only names and e-mail addresses are reflected until you possibly withdraw your consent, in which case they are permanently deleted.

Open AI

This enables/disables the use of our AI Assist within text-sections in documents and upcoming AI-features that use Open AI as base.

Show contact details in PDF

Enables/disables the visibility of contact details from participants and yourself in the PDF-versions of the document, such as email address and phone number.

Show Personal ID number in PDF

If participant signs with a e-legitimation, or a personal number is added to the participant, the PDF-version can display what personal number was used for the signing. This can be beneficial to enforce the signature's authenticity. Do note that enabling or disabling this feature will be affecting forthcoming documents and not previous ones.  

Allow downloading PDFs

The permission to download PDFs can per standard be controlled via user roles in a workspace, but if you want to disable PDF downloads throughout all your users, you can simply disable this toggle.

Address book 

Allow users to store information about counterparties in the address book. Existing documents will remain in the system even if you disable the address book.

Login session duration

This option sets the standard time a device will be remembered for a signed in session, and can be set to however many days you want. The standard time set here is 14 days. 

Device trust period

If you or your users have two-factor-authentication activated in your profile settings, you can from here configure how long you want the devices to be trusted before requiring a new authentication to sign in again.

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