Please note collections are now called workspaces.

Here you can find a list of possible configurations listed on "Oneflow for Salesforce - Configurations"

Participant Title Field

When creating a contract besides data fields also participant information is sent to Oneflow.

This setting enables customers to pick from which Contact field should the  job title come from contract.

Standard and custom fields of type Text on Contact object will appear on list.

Account VAT/reg. no. Field

This setting enables customers to pick which Account field contains the VAT or organisation number shown on the contracts.

Standard and Custom fields of type Text on Account will appear on list.

Data Fields

Data fields on Templates/Contracts are placeholders which are populated with the values from Salesforce Fields.

This setting enables customers to select which fields would they like transfer on contract creation.

Standard fields and Customs fields for Opportunity, Account, Contact and User(Contract Owner) are available.

Tip: Use formula fields to show values from objects related to Opportunity, Account, Contact or User to make Oneflow for Salesforce work more complex use cases!

Multiple Contracts

By default, opportunities are limited to one contract only. 

By enabling this feature, opportunities no longer have such restrictions and multiple contracts can be created on the same opportunity. 

Please be aware, by enabling this feature opportunities with more than one contract will not have their stage updated accordingly to Opportunity Stage Mapping setting.

Opportunity Stage Mapping

This feature enables customers to automate Opportunity Stage transitions based on the Contract State.