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Integrate Oneflow for Salesforce with other Salesforce apps

Our Lightning Contracts component is available out-of-the-box on our Oneflow app. It is available to all users with one of the Oneflow permissions sets and a license. 

However, if you want our component to be available in other apps or use related lists instead, please take a look at the steps listed below.

Oneflow Contract List and Related Lists are only available for Opportunities and Accounts.

Oneflow contract list

To add the Oneflow Contract List component: 

  1. Edit the Record page for the desired object and record type.
  2. Then drag and drop our component located on the bottom left side of the page under Custom - Managed.
    The available component is: 
    -  OneflowContractList - List all contracts related to the current object with detailed status information. It also has a button for creating new contracts.
  3. Drag it to where you wish to display your contracts.

Related Lists

To add Oneflow Contract to the related lists of your layout:

  1. Go to Page Layouts, select a layout you want to change (Account, Opportunity, or other configured object), and select Edit Layout
  2. In the list of available Related Lists, you will find Oneflow Contracts.
  3. After adding the related list, select the columns you need to display.

    It is also possible to sort the contracts by, for example, creation date.

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