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Common errors

Couldn't connect to Oneflow, when activating the Salesforce extension

In Oneflow, you will be given an API token. 

This token allows the Oneflow for Salesforce application to connect to Oneflow. Go to settings in Oneflow to enable the Salesforce extension.

Cause: Oneflow for Salesforce API TOKEN is missing or no longer valid. 

Solution: Make sure "Oneflow for Salesforce" is set up by navigating to the Admin > Account > Extensions in the Oneflow app (only visible to users with the "Oneflow Administrator" permission set.) and following the steps shown on the "Get Started" guide. 

For more information on setting up our application, follow the steps below.


Cause: Salesforce user's email does not match Oneflow's User Email.

Solution: Make sure the user has the same email on both systems.

#36 Couldn't find a matching Oneflow user (email) for the Salesforce user. Please contact your Salesforce administrator. (Error #006)

Cause:  Salesforce User Email and Oneflow User Email are different

Solution: Make sure there is a registered Oneflow User with the same email address as the current Salesforce User seeing this error. 

Request to /agreements/ failed with 400 because Participant with duplicate email

Cause: At least 2 Participants have the same email.

Solution:  When creating a contract, please ensure that all emails shown on the participants' list are different. 

Also, ensure that neither of the participants has the same email as the Salesforce User creating the contract.

Request to /agreements/ failed with 400 because Participant with duplicate phone number XXX-XXX-XXXXX

Cause: At least 2 Participants have the same phone number.

Solution:  When creating a contract, please ensure that all phone numbers shown on the participants' list are different.

Missing access rights on Opportunity. XXX (Error #018) 

CauseSalesforce user does not have permission to read field XXX on Opportunity object.

Solution:  Give permission to read access permission to the user or go to "Data Fields Configuration" on the Configuration page to uncheck field XXX from Opportunity if you don't wish to use it on contract creation. 

Check our article about Permissions on Oneflow for Salesforce to know more.

parties[0].country_code - ('Sweden' is not a 'country_code') 

Cause Country mapping is set to a field where the value is "Sweden" instead of ISO Country Code "SE"-

Solution: Update the field value instead of the Country name to ISO Country Code.

Product mapping errors


One of the mapped fields does not exist (might have been deleted), is misspelled, or missing the namespace.

A user trying to create the contract does not have access to the field specified by the error message.

Product Mapping Custom Settings is missing.

Product Name on Product Mapping configuration is mandatory.

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