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Displaying Contracts on Account/Contact form

Open the customization page and follow the steps below.

Click on Advanced settingsSettings CustomizationsCustomize the system

Select the Entity and click on the form you’d like to add your sub-grid to.

Create the sub-grid to show opportunities.

Give your sub-grid a meaningful name and label, click on ‘Show only related Records’, select ‘Opportunities’ from the list of entities and select a view you’d like to show in your sub-grid.

Add nested sub-grid to show contracts.

Then, proceed to ‘Controls’ section and click on ‘Add Control’.

Choose 'Editable Grid' from the list and click on ‘Add’ button.

Click on these 2 radio buttons:

Then click on this pen button 

In the pop-up window, select ‘Oneflow Contracts’ entity and select ‘Nested Grid View’ from views:

Then click on this pen button: 

Choose ‘of_opportunityid(Lookup.Simple)’ from the list: 

Click on Ok → Ok

That’s it! You created your grid now and should be all set. Position the grid wherever you need to and don’t forget to save and publish your changes. 

View sub-grid on the Account record.

You should be able to see the grid on your form now!   

If you click on the arrow button when viewing your sub-grid you’ll be able to see all contracts that are associated with you opportunity

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