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Getting started with HubSpot

Here's how to activate the integration between Oneflow and HubSpot CRM.


  • You can only connect a single Oneflow account to a specific Hubspot account. It is not possible to change the Oneflow account connected to that Hubspot account afterwards.

  • You need to have both "Sales Professional" and "Super Admin" roles in Hubspot to activate the integration.

  • When inviting a user as a Hubspot admin, add them as "Sales Professional" if you want them to be able to use products.

  • When upgrading the account to sales professional, it will take some time until Oneflow gets the correct e-commerce scope.

  • As a Oneflow admin, take care to register the users with the same email address they use in the associated HS account. 

  • Please note collections are now called workspaces.


First, make sure you’re logged into your HubSpot account. Then, log in to Oneflow and go to Account > Extensions > HubSpot, and click Enable

Now you can click on "Hubspot" to open the settings page for Hubspot integration. On the settings page you can Authenticate to HubSpot. Click on

‘Authenticate to HubSpot’ and you will be redirected to your HubSpot account.


Select the HubSpot account that you wish to integrate with Oneflow and authorise the integration. Click on ‘Grant Access’.

The integration is now active!

Create a HubSpot Template

Once the integration is set, you need to activate a template group in all the Oneflow Templates that you wish to connect to HubSpot. This is done separately for each template so go to Templates and click on one that you want to connect. Under Settings you have Template groups, choose the

Hubspot template group, and save. Also note that the template need to be active to show up in HubSpot.

Once you have your template group set, you can create data fields for the information that should be automatically pushed over from Hubspot to your Oneflow contract.

Click to edit your form field, click on "data field" and a list of the available fields will show. Choose the appropriate one and Save.

The field connected to a data field will be marked by a symbol

You can of course also add a data field to scrolling text

To do so, simply highlight the text you wish to connect and click on the black data field tag in the editor. The list of available data fields will show, choose the appropriate one. 

Use the HubSpot Integration

Go to HubSpot, and open any Deal and on the right side of your screen, you will see the Oneflow module. In case you cannot see it immediately, use your

mouse wheel to scroll to the bottom of the modules:

You may then drag the Oneflow module to the top of the list while holding down the mouse on the top left corner.

Registration Number Mapping

The company's registration number (Reg. No.) in Oneflow looks like this:

It is transferred from the account number of the company in Hubspot.

As a Oneflow administrator you may change the field that is set as the registration number in Oneflow by

choosing any company field from a drop down:

Enabling Stage Mapping

It is now possible to update the stages in your HubSpot pipeline based on select Oneflow agreement lifecycle events. There are several events that can be mapped to HubSpot, although currently only a signed or declined agreement event is supported.  Please note that the closed date for the deal in HubSpot is not updated.  If there are other agreement events you are interested in having mapped to HubSpot, please let us know 

This new feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled simply and quickly.  The toggle that enables the feature is located in the same modal as the registration number mapping.  To enable stage mapping, view the details of a deal so that the Oneflow widget is visible on the right side of your screen.  Click on "Settings" in the bottom of the widget (shown below): 

This will open the modal where you can enable stage mapping.  See below: 

A note about creating Oneflow agreements from HubSpot deals

When creating a Oneflow agreement from within HubSpot, the Deal owner, as well as the Company and Contact listed under the Associate deal with heading, will all be made available to the agreement.  These fields have been highlighted in the screenshot below showing the Create deal view within HubSpot:

This is how the Contact and Company added above would appear in HubSpot's Deal view:


If the HubSpot Deal owner (the person with the Oneflow account) adds their own company as the Company or lists him or herself as the Contact this will result in an error in Oneflow.

After clicking on the Create Contract button in the Oneflow widget, the individual Contact (Cool Robot) as well as all of the contacts listed for the Company will be available.  In this example, The Awesome Company has three contacts (Erik Andreson, etc.).

The Company will be added as the counterparty in the Oneflow agreement.  The Company's contacts and the individual Contact will appear as participants, if they are all chosen in the Create Contract step above.

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